Introduction to Motorised Hanggliding

Imagine: Flying to an Island…… Landing for lunch……...Having a swim........... And flying back to your car.

An aircraft on your car…..

Travelling around Australia and seeing places you otherwise would not be able to see…….

It is very affordable!!!

Motorised hanggliders were starting to be more common amongst hangglider pilots towards the end of the 1990's.  This variation to a standard hangglider was started when the limitations of unpowered flight were realised.  Powered flight opens up a hugh range of possibilities where unpowered hanggliders cannot fly, for example flying near beaches and islands where there is no ridgelift or flying anywhere when there are no thermals present.

A motorised hangglider is a standard hangglider, fitted with a motorised harness.   Motorised hanggliders are foot launched and landed like unpowered hanggliders.  In flight, the pilot lies in the prone position, also like unpowered hanggliders.

Below are some previews and link to some great flying that has been done with a motorised hangglider over central and eastern Australia.

Central Australia Victoria
New South Wales Morning Glory Roll Cloud Flying

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