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Innovative Aerial Advertising - New to Australia!

Your logo or messages can be very effectively displayed under the wing of a motorised hangglider.   Very enthusiastic results have been achieved during flights over popular areas such as the Gold Coast, the Indy car race, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane's Bayside and Southbank, town centres, a national sport competition, etc.

Why use Aerial Worx for your advertising?

The hangglider wings have a huge 15 square meters of area available for your logo.
The hanggliders can be flown over areas targeted to best suit your needs.
Motorised hanggliders fly quite slow for better visibility for your logo and messages.
Aerial Worx are exclusively CASA certified to perform aerial advertising.

Please contact Aerial Worx for further information and pricing.

What an eye catcher...

Demands attention...

Fantastic coverage...

...Where you choose.*

Click on images to enlarge.   *Restrictions may apply in close proximity to major airports.

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